First of all, you have to fill in the brief and prepare the files that may help us to create a high-quality product for you. Feel free to send us any files about the project that are currently available. Those may include:
● the number of images required;
● timing and schedule;
● location and photo of investment,
● AutoCAD or PDF drawings;
● some materials or examples of something that inspires you (color, furniture, material, mood, etc);
● 3d model (3ds, skp, obj), if you have one.
● Having received all the information that is needed, we will be able to assess the future project and continue our cooperation.
For our clients, the procedure is quite simple. All you will have to do if decided to cooperate with us is start the project and participate in the approval phases. You will also have to follow the process and make comments so that we understand what result you'd like to get. Our team will be responsible for all the rest
We can choose any platform that is most convenient for you. We can communicate either by e-mail or by any messenger you choose.
You don't need to worry about the safety of your data, as we accept payments via transparent international payment systems. Data leakage is absolutely excluded.
There are 4 steps of adjustments: from camera selection to the final image (for the standard package). This is enough to create a project. All the additional adjustments are paid.
The following types are accepted:
● Payoneer;
● Bank transfer;

We offer two options: full or 50% payment in advance. After you receive the final watermarked image, you can pay another 50%. Having received your payment, we send a payment acceptance document and your project without a watermark.
The process depends on complexity. For example, 1 small architectural project takes about a week, and interior creation takes 2 days.
We offer a 10% discount on projects for our regular customers. But if your monthly orders exceed 2 thousand euros we offer you another discount
It is the process of creating a photorealistic image using 3D models in the 2D image on a computer. The resulting product is called rendering or 3D rendering
This is the image that allows showing space by 360 degrees. Via putting 2-3 images together, we can create a virtual tour.
This is the video creation process, where 3D artist animates 3D models. Later, rendering a plurality of images is done (1 sec = 27 frames). Then video editing takes place.
It is the process of creating a 3D object with help of software, during which we can show all the details and accuracy of the object. The resulting product is called the 3D model
This is the process of improving a 3D visualization with the help of various visual effects and retouching photos. We can add people, animals, cars, etc.
This is a rough rendering that shows how the project will look. On draft visualizations, we work out all the details, lighting, customization of materials, expecting feedback from you. After this, we make all the corrections and move to the final rendering.
We can prepare your image in different formats. Those are the following:
● 3k – this quality is enough for web content;
● 5k – great for printing in A3 format;
● 8k – suitable for printing advertisements on the billboards.