3D animation services

MIAMI Render team provides 3D animation architecture services, helping architects, furniture manufacturers present their products in the best light.
The most obvious reason why this service can help you lies in human nature. All people like visuality and interior design rendering can help to provide them with it. Very often, developers face the following problem: the developer/designer is not able to convey his ideas to the customer so that he immediately sees what the room will actually look like as a result of the work.

Words and sketches are not enough for the customer to understand what will happen to his premises as a result of expensive changes after construction or reconstruction.

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Getting started

Having received following information, we will assess the project and will be able to start our 3D journey. The only task for you is to enjoy the process and stay in touch with us. We will take care of everything.
STEP 01.
First of all, fill in the brief. You simply need to download our brief below or fill in the form.
STEP 03.
Send it to us with the ⬦drawings ⬦floor plans⬦CAD ⬦references; ⬦photographs, if any ⬦duration of the desired video.
STEP 02.
Just enjoy the process and check all stages of work.
⬦ We will always be in touch with you during our cooperation.
⬦ Be sure your project will be done by professionals.
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The process of cooperation

If you are already interested in what the procedure of creation looks like, watch the algorithm:
The initial stage of the project is collecting information and analyzing it.
After this, we develop a camera movement scenario and choose the lightning.
Then, we approve textures and materials on static visualizations.
After this, audio is added.
After the approval of the entire project, we begin the final video processing and editing.
What is 3D animation?
This is one of the effective methods to present your product. In the beginning, 3D objects are modeled, materials and lighting are selected. Besides, the script for your video is written and camera motion is approved. After all these processes, numerous images are created (1 sec = 27 frames), which will then be shown in the same sequence. After all these stages, the artist begins editing videos and post-processing. For each animation, you can choose music this can be selected either on free or paid resources. You can also order it individually from the sound designer.
How much does 3D animation cost?
The price depends on the complexity of the object, timing, and the specifics of the required video. To find out more, contact us and send us a technical assignment so that we can tell you the price.
What types of 3D animation exist?
3D animation is divided into interior and exterior. It can also be made in the form of a static slideshow of images. It means it is done in static and some dynamics are added. For example, moving the sky in the exterior.
What are its benefits?
The biggest benefit is that you can supplement traditional visualizations by adding videos to them. Animation attracts visitors to social networks and Instagram. You can effectively present your product and place it on your website, which will increase sales and customer interest. 3D animation walkthrough services can also be used for advertising.