360° panoramic tour

What is a 3D virtual apartment tour? It's a service provided by MIAMI Render, which will be especially useful for real estate agents, developers, furniture manufacturers, etc.
This service is a completely new approach to presenting your product to customers. With its help, you will be remembered for long, that's for sure. But what is the essence of this service?

   ⬦ It is a realistic 360-degree panorama that allows the user to feel and explore the space from all sides without limitations.
   ⬦ Our VR tours are great marketing tools and are frequently selected by designers and architects.
   ⬦ Projects in which this technology is used stand out very much because with its help it is possible to immerse your client in space and let the person experience it, make him fall in love with the item, feel the desire to live there.

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Let’s start cooperation

If you are interested in our house virtual tour 360, you must know what is needed for making cooperation with us maximally effective and resultative.
STEP 01.
First of all, fill in the brief. You simply need to download our brief below or fill in the form.
STEP 03.
Send it to us with the drawings or photos attached (Autocad, dwg). So that we can assess the project and will be able to begin our journey to the world of 3D.
STEP 02.
Just enjoy the process and check all stages of work.
⬦ We will always be in touch with you during our cooperation.
⬦ Be sure your project will be done by professionals.
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The process of creation

So, what does the creation of 3D interactive walkthrough look like?
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The initial stage is modeling.
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After this, we set up lighting and choose the camera.
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Having coped with the previous stage, we make all the materials colorful.
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Then come final render and post-production.
For what virtual tours are needed?
They are utilized for selling real estate and advertising. With the help of this technology, it is possible to immerse your client into the atmosphere of a project. With the help of tours, it's possible to attract customers and help them make conscious decisions about real estate purchases.
How is it created?
First of all, to understand the task fully, we collect all the information about the project (drawings, floor plans, photographs). After this, our 3D artist does his job. After it is approved, we create a render, then post-process it and create your realistic 3D tour with the help of a computer program.
How much do 3D real estate tours cost?
Simply put, everything depends on the complexity of the project. Contact us to clarify all the details.