Product 3D visualization

Having selected 3D product rendering services from MIAMI Render, you can be sure the resulting product will be of the highest quality. This service can be used even if you don't have a real product yet. Let's have a more detailed look at what we offer.

Benefits of the product visualization service

3D product presentation is becoming more and more popular in the field of online sales, it is widely used in online stores of different types for a reason. It's understandable, as this service has numerous advantages:

⬦ Demonstrability
the possibility of a full-fledged demonstration of your goods. It's especially relevant and in demand for new goods that have just entered the market.

⬦ Informativity and objectivity
photographs of goods are most often processed in graphic editors, and the 3D model allows you to objectively evaluate the goods, which thereby reduces different risks.

⬦ Motivation
3D visualization and animation affects emotional centers and stimulates the customer to make a purchase.

⬦ Memorability and brand recognizability
visitors better remember sites that utilize 3D models.

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The procedure of getting started

If you are convinced product visualization is exactly what you need, we will be happy to help you with it. So, how to contact us and start cooperating?
STEP 01.
First of all, fill in the brief. You simply need to download our brief below or fill in the form.
STEP 02.
Send it to us with the drawings or photos attached (Autocad, dwg). So that we can assess the project and will be able to begin our journey to the world of 3D.
STEP 03.
Just enjoy the process and check all stages of work.
⬦ We will always be in touch with you during our cooperation.
⬦ Be sure your project will be done by professionals.
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We will be responsible for every stage of your project

We pay huge attention to accuracy and details, but it doesn't mean we ignore all the other nuances that are no less important. Those are: Final render, post production.
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Modeling your object with attention to all the tiny details.
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Setting the lightning to make the product look maximally attractive.
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Final render, post production.
Having chosen MIAMI Render, you will have nothing to worry about. Only experienced professionals will be responsible for your project. Besides, you will be able to watch the process and make corrections, if needed
How much will 3D product visualization cost?
It's difficult to set the price before we understand what you expect. The price is set after we get acquainted with your requirements.
What will be the resolution of my project?
5000 pxl – that's what you'll get
What is 3D product visualization?
It's a service that depicts your good as a three-dimensional object. As it was previously mentioned, details are everything. The time required to get the project ready depends on details. Interior design rendering services usually take from 3 to 5 days.